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Since November 2007, Planate Management Group provides
installation management and consulting services worldwide.

The Planate Management Group provides technical solutions in difficult environments. Our installation management expertise covers Planning, A&E Services, Construction Management, and Professional & Technical Services.

Our team is often contracted as a prime (and sometimes sub) contractor to assure quality, safe and timely outcomes for our important clients missions in unique situations where others may be conflicted or lack personal insight that an experienced and longstanding team, like Planate, possesses. Our team approach allows all of our professionals to leverage our specialties in different aspects of installation management to provide you the very best solutions.

  • Founded in November of 2007 in Washington, DC
  • Focused on Federal Base/Installation Management
  • Management consulting, engineering services & professional services Company (SDVOSB)
  • Significant Department of Defense and Federal related work
  • Commercial and Government client work worldwide ( USA, Africa, South & Central Asia, Middle East )
  • Industrial Facility Cleared



We listen intently and respond with passionate engagement in complex, difficult, and geographically-remote ventures that further the common interests of America, its international allies and security partners.


A trusted confidant of responsible officials; a discreet practitioner
of admired values; a bright light in distant places.


  • Respect all people; their beliefs, opinions, needs, wants, and aspirations.
  • Earn Trust with untarnished integrity, honesty, confidentiality and personal conduct.
  • Revere the client; obey his rules, serve him with a passion, work productively, and make a difference.
  • Listen actively; focus, hear, reflect, and relate.
  • Practice just-in-time, evidence-based thinking that integrates best available information, resources, and expertise with the characteristics, state, needs, values and preferences of those who will be affected and in a manner that is compatible with the environmental and organizational context.
  • Take Care of Our Own; personally and professionally, up and down the line.